McDonald’s is, without a doubt, one of the most ubiquitous fast food chains in the USA. Their restaurants attract millions of customers every day in more than a hundred different countries, making them one of the most recognizable names in the restaurant industry. It is common knowledge that a company’s employees represent its most valuable customers, even if its social media following is enormous. When compared to other large companies like Walmart, how competitive and fair is McDonald’s hourly pay? How much does McDonald’s pay for entry-level positions? To what extent do employees feel their salary needs have been met?  Let’s get down to brass tacks about McDonald’s hourly compensation and how it’s affecting the company. But how much does mcdonald’s pay?

McDonald’s Minimum Wage

McDonald’s standard hourly compensation is about $8 in US money, which is not nearly enough to support a single person, much alone a family. They typically work between 25 and 30 hours per week over their five working days. It turns out that the maximum amount of time an employee may spend at McDonald’s in a week is capped at forty hours.

In the United States, McDonald’s used to have a starting wage of $6.25 per hour. The good news is that it climbed when the minimum pay was raised, which is fitting considering the demanding job they were required to do throughout their hours. In addition, management nearly always decides how the day’s work will be divided up, so it’s rare for them to have a say in which duties they’ll be doing.

Demand a Raise in McDonald’s Minimum Wage!

In any event, how low is McDonald’s minimum wage? McDonald’s workers have been protesting the fast food industry’s unfair wage practices via the “Fight for $15” movement for over seven years. McDonald’s unintentionally suffered as a result of the unfavorable publicity surrounding the widespread dissatisfaction among the workforce around the hourly pay. The company was put in a situation where it had to raise salaries because of this. However, one issue remained: how far were they willing to compromise?

But can we be sure about that?

Is the McDonald’s hourly salary $15? If an employee worked full time and was paid the minimum wage of $15 per hour, their yearly pay would be $30,000.  A frustrated unionist complains, “They’re making millions while millions can’t pay their bills,” meaning that corporations have the money to pay for substantial raises in employee pay. “They’re making millions while millions can’t pay their bills,”

It’s a truth that at least 90% of McDonald’s locations are franchised, and that franchisees often don’t earn millions annually. They make a profit of around 6 cents on the dollar after covering the cost of food, wages, and other overhead.


Does McDonald’s really pay $15 per hour? But that’s up to debate. McDonald’s, being an international fast food chain that brings in a lot of money, certainly has the financial capacity to pay its employees $15 per hour. But the feasibility of mandating $15/hour salaries for all workers may vary based on factors including the cost of living, the competitive climate, and the laws controlling minimum wages in each jurisdiction. Taking the situation in Florida as an example, McDonald’s locations in California could be able to pay their employees more. Revenue and profit margin are the two most important metrics.